Fibroids In Uterus + Ct Scan

Austin Radiological Association has been providing quality imaging services to Austin and Central Texas since 1954. We’re working continuously to improve access to those services. Our imaging centers provide everything from mammography to MRI. Our staff take special care to be sure that your exam schedule this quickly and conveniently as possible and the exam is conducted in a professional and caring manner. We strive to meet your physical and emotional needs and will address any concerns you may have with compassion and respect. The following patient had an outstanding experience when her exam was performed.

At one of Austin Radiological Association’s imaging centers. So, last week I called Austin Radiological’s main scheduling number to make my appointment for my sinus scan which was recommended by my doctor. Over that weekend I had a friend’s mother pass away and the funeral was out of town and I wanted to go to it but it ended up being the same time as my scheduled visit to Austin Radiological was. So I called the number back the following Monday expecting it to be a long drawnout process, trying to figure the right time.

And having to push back a while back for the next available appointments, that sort of thing, but it wasn’t. I got in the very next day. The scheduler on the phone really couldn’t have been more personable and more kind. She asked about my friend’s family, sent her condolences, told me to be careful, be safe driving. There’s those little personal touches that really go long way and leave you with a good feeling. When I went to get my scan, I thought the facilities were very clean and couldn’t believe how quickly they called my name once I signed in.

A Patients Story CT Sinus Scan Austin Radiological Association ARA

And definitely seemed to have a very efficient front desk area. I went into room with a big machine and it was a big circle and I basically laid on my stomach very still and big circle went around me several times and before I knew it she was in and told me it was over. It was neat to see the scan actually at my doctor’s office just a few days later. I was also surprised how quickly my doctor got the scan back and reviewed it. I got to go and see it.

The scan, it was so detailed, seeing how much I’m really not breathing on this side of my nose so it was kinda cool, you know, to see that and know I can breathe in the future. I didn’t have any questions and I was in and out at the most 5 minutes and back in my car and back to work. It was a great experience and everyone was just a friendly as they could be. I work for the Roundrock Express Baseball Club and our number one priority is customer service.

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